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Infographic: American Consumer Sentiment and Spending 2018

19 Feb 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Digital, Retail


American consumers are feeling cautiously optimistic about the economy, but more important, they are feeling upbeat about their own financial situation. One third of Millennials and more than a quarter of Gen X’ers believe they will be financially better off a year from now—an increase of 14% and 4% respectively in just one year. When consumers are feeling secure about their financial situation, they are more likely to splurge. In our infographic, we look at how these trends are impacting consumers, how they plan to spend their extra income, what they’re willing to spend money on – and what they’re not.

Seeing Green: American Consumers and The Economy

Consumers beleive they will be financially better off in 2018 (%).

20%        Gen Z

33%       Millennials

26%       Gen X’ers

15%        Boomers

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