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Infographic: How Americans Stay Connected on Thanksgiving 2016 | WMI

Infographic: How Americans Stay Connected on Thanksgiving 2016 | WMI

04 Nov 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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Whether you’re gathering with family or hosting Friendsgiving, you’ll be among the 98% of Americans celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Although Americans have a lot to be grateful for, when asked what they are most thankful for, 65% said, “good technology being easily accessible.” It’s clear that technology is an integral part of our everyday lives and holidays are no exception! Whether it’s searching recipes, posting culinary creations on Instagram, or checking the score of the football game, here’s how Americans are staying connected on Thanksgiving.

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How America Celebrates Thanksgiving: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Connected Consumer

1. 64% of mobile users used Facebook for Thanksgiving recipe inspiration

2. easiest and best – searchers looked for recipes that required minimal effort but received rave reviews pie racked up the most dessert searches

3. 10 million+ photos on Instagram mentioned Thanksgiving in 2015 and 200 photos were posted every        second

4.  Mobile device usage increased 3.5 times during the holiday season (Thanksgiving-New Year’s)

5. 65% of Americans said they were most thankful for "good technology being easily accessible"

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