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Recap: Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Marketing Conference | WMI

02 Nov 2016 Kerri Krom
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This year’s IAB MIXX Conference offered two days of useful content and insightful advice, emphasizing the need to engage consumers with creative storytelling that both reinforces an emotional connection and compels them to action. Women’s Marketing Research Director, Kerri Krom, was there and offers these five takeaways from the conference.

Marketing at the “speed of now”

Deborah Wahl, Senior Vice President and CMO at McDonald’s Corporation, discussed the need to market “at the speed of now.” Wahl remarked that “getting the right person, at the right time, on the right device,” is not enough anymore. She discussed the importance of brand-consumer relationships, and why those highly engaged consumers will react differently to advertising, when it’s placed in a meaningful context and location.

How to measure online ads to offline sales

A breakout workshop hosted by marketing tech firm Dstillery, focused on measuring success through the incremental impact of advertising, rather than incomplete proxies such as CTR and viewability. Dstillery also discussed the power of micro-audiences, how to optimize brand messages and creative based on consumer attributes, and how CPG brands can measure and draw conclusions about the efficacy of display advertising on in-store purchases.

Bringing AI into advertising

Watson Ads discussed how artificial intelligence will allow us to listen, think, and respond at mass scale with personalized messages.

Sell benefits, not services

Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth offered advice on integrating innovation into sales, and explained why companies need to focus on selling the service/benefit of their products, rather than the products themselves, or risk being left behind when disruption occurs.

Context is king

CBS’ Chief Digital Officer Jim Lanzone discussed the importance of engaging consumers on premium content sites, citing research showing that advertising is significantly more effective when viewed on premium sites. He stressed that no matter what device consumers are using, they will be deeply engaged when matched with the right advertiser content and brands.

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