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Stop the Scroll: Tips to Creating Engaging Social Media Content

01 Nov 2016 Mike Scicolone

in Social Media

There are more than 600 million Facebook updates, 500 million Tweets and 80 million Instagram posts uploaded daily. It’s easy for your audience to get lost in the noise with such a high volume of content hitting every day. So how do you stick out and get that double-tap engagement every brand looks to receive?


Understand Your Audience

Before you even begin brainstorming what content to share, it is critical that you understand your audience. The better you get to know the person sitting behind the computer or holding their phone, the more effective and engaging your content will be.

One of the easiest ways to get familiar with your audience is by analyzing your Facebook or Twitter demographics. If you’re looking to get more insights on your Instagram audience, check out these awesome free tools.

Once you understand your audience, what comes next?

Build Your Brand Voice

Before you or your brand goes on a posting blitz, ask yourself, “How do I want to be perceived by my followers?”

This is an important question to answer as it should be the foundation to your social content. Social media should be thought of as an extension of your brand. You don’t want to post something on Twitter that you would be too afraid to plaster on a billboard.

Developing a brand’s voice should be fun, but one thing to keep in mind – keep it consistent.

Consistency is Key

How’s that for a good segue, huh?

Once you identify your social voice, it’s important not to lose sight of it when creating your content. Your voice is the framework for your content, and it often draws fans to follow your social profiles. More importantly, when a brand has a consistent style and voice, your audience will keep coming back for more.

When we talk about consistency, we’re not only talking about the tone and look of branded content, but also the frequency. There’s no bigger turnoff to a social media user than finding a brand’s profile that appears to be inactive.

It’s recommended that brands create content calendars so content creators can regularly schedule content and develop a creative rhythm.

Create Compelling Content

Here comes the simple part – if you want someone to like, share, retweet or tag a post, create compelling content. What does that mean? Create content that people cannot help but click through, share, or engage with. To do so, you need to create content that strongly relates to your audience. Thankfully, since you spent all that time getting to know them, this part is easy.

The content you create should make your fans and followers stop scrolling through their newsfeeds and think about not just if they want to engage, but how. Your content can be educational, humorous, sentimental, or product focused, but ultimately it should captivate and be of value to your audience.

So What Now?

Now that you have all the tools to help you create scroll-stopping content it’s important to make sure that your audience sees it! That’s where we come in. At Flying Point Digital, we are experts at helping emerging brands develop content distribution plans to reach core audiences and target demographics.

Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help increase engagements and grow your social audience through organic and paid media.

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