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Infographic: How Parents Evaluate and Choose OTC Medications for Kids

14 Mar 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Health & Wellness,


Parents know that colds and coughs are an inevitable part of childhood. Ninety-seven percent of children under 12 experienced some type of short-term illness within the past year. Developing immune systems and close contact in daycare and classrooms, make children more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Parents stock up on OTC medications to alleviate symptoms and help their children feel more comfortable. In our infographic, we explain how parents evaluate OTC remedies, the formats they prefer, and the steps they take to keep their children well.

Why Parents Choose Medications That Are as Natural as Possible

55% want children’s medication to be free-from unnecessary ingredients

34% prefer to buy natural remedies for their children

Who Do Parents Trust?

When it comes to their kids, parents say these are the most-trusted sources of medical advice and product recommendations.

53% health professional

31% their own parents and in-laws

23% other parents

13% friends on social media

When it comes to their child's health and wellness, parents choose brands they trust. Learn how we can help build brand awareness and positive consumer sentiment with strategic marketing initiatives. Contact us today to learn more.

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