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Data-Driven Decision-Making with Amazon Stores

14 Mar 2018 Byron Kerr

in Digital, Amazon


In a world where data is king, Amazon continues to open its platform to be more brand-friendly. Last summer, Amazon launched Amazon Store pages to give brands more control over their presence on the platform. Store pages are highly customizable touchpoints, allowing brands to showcase interactive video, images, and static text content, creating a customized brand presence on Amazon. Although Store pages have been available for almost a year, the level of actionable data or insights has been scarce—until now.

Amazon recently introduced insights and analytics functionality to the Store. This new functionality offers brands the opportunity to view daily visitors, page views, and sales, by both page and traffic source through source tags. These enhancements add a new layer of analytics to track the effectiveness of brands’ on-and-off-site media at a granular level.

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How Beauty and Food and Beverage Brands Can Stand Out on Amazon

As more brands learn how to strategically leverage the growing Amazon ecosystem, as both a shopping and media destination, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out. Investing in both content and merchandising are two strategies successful brands are tapping into to drive results. 

Setting Up Your Amazon Store

The first step in activating this new functionality is to set up your Amazon Store. Similar to other merchandising platforms on Amazon, the store is templatized in nature, allowing for fast and easy customization.

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Showcase Your Brand

One of Amazon Store’s unique benefits is the ability to create a dynamic, branded experience for users with content that would not typically reside on a Product Detail Page, such as video, images, and editorial-style text. Building an Amazon Store helps drive shopper engagement in a curated destination for consumers to learn more about your brand.  

Driving to Your Amazon Store

From there, marketers can begin driving on-and off-site traffic to these new media destinations. Headline Search Ads on the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform can be directed to Store pages and allow for more in-depth analytics into AMS campaigns.

Measuring Effectiveness Through Enhanced Tagging and Analytics

Along with measuring on-site AMS campaigns, Amazon’s newly released insights functionality offers the ability to measure effectiveness of off-site campaigns, such as paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and other search engine marketing and paid platforms. Previously Amazon’s attribution and analytics data was extremely limited and lacked distinction between on-and-off-site traffic. Amazon’s enhanced analytics functionality now allows marketers to tag all off-site media with special tags to track effectiveness and optimize media budgets with data-backed decision making. Plus, Amazon LOVES brands that drive traffic to its pages (but we’ll save that for another post).

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Amazon Stores are an untapped opportunity for brands in CPG and beauty to showcase their products in a brand-accredited environment. As a testbed for creative and rich analytics to validate media investment, the Amazon Store represents a new phase in Amazon, where data can help brands unlock previously unavailable opportunities.

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