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Infographic: Media Habits... What's Trending?

14 Aug 2018 Marlea Clark

in Media, Digital


Nielsen's Total Audience Report Q1 2018 shed light on the most recent media habits of the consumer. Not surprisingly, we're spending more time with media than ever before. Our infographic breaks down some of the more notable statistics from the report.

We Spend Nearly Half a Day Consuming Media

Adults in the U.S. now spend 11 hours a day with media, up 19 minutes from Q4 2017.

Smartphones, Tablets, Computers... Oh My! 

3 hours and 48 minutes per day are spent connected to digital media, up 13 minutes from the previous quarter.

62% of that media time is spent on a smartphone. 

What's That Sound? It's Still Radio.

92% of adults listen to the radio during the average week.

Video Consumption is Up... Even in Non-TV Households

Adults now watch nearly 6 hours of video per day, up 11 minutes from Q4 2017.

8 out of 10 non-TV households are still consuming video... somehow.  

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