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Trend Roundup: Mom, Baby, and Infant Care

Trend Roundup: Mom, Baby, and Infant Care

15 Aug 2018 Rich Zeldes

in Retail, Health & Wellness


ECRM’s regular planning sessions provide the ideal opportunity for retail buyers to meet some of the most exciting new brands in a variety of industries. Another great thing about ECRM’s sessions is that they offer emerging brands the opportunity to learn about the ever-changing retail landscape and how to market to consumers from executives and industry veterans.

I joined Marlea Clark, EVP of Marketing & Insights, at the Baby & Infant Care EPPS, where she hosted the session “The E-Comm Mom: How Moms Shop Digital, Mobile and Amazon” for the third year in a row. During the session, she shared insights from our recent study asking moms across the country how they shop.

One key takeaway: moms are shopping on the Amazon app—a lot. In fact, moms list their smartphone as the #1 item they can’t live without—even more than naptime!

What we discovered through our study aligned with everything I saw and identified as trending themes at the show. Here are a few takeaways:

Convenience is Queen for Moms

Putting the spotlight on “making things easy” for mom is a great strategy to start with. Think one-step food makers, heated bottles in mere seconds, and no-spill pouches for the kids. Whether it’s simplified feeding or easy cleanup, convenience is a necessity for mom, so brands marketing in that space are headed in the right direction. If it’s dishwasher-safe, extra points.

Safe for Baby and Environment

More consumers are choosing better-for-you lifestyles, especially moms purchasing and caring for their babies. Operating from an authentic position of using only natural, organic ingredients in products is critical. Bath time for baby needs to be free of any harmful or harsh chemicals, and environmentally-friendly bottles and pouches will win with mom (and Mother Earth). Endemic content helps, too; if you’re pushing a feeding product, include some easy, healthy recipes that mom can use.

Take It Easy, Mom

In addition to simplifying the process when it comes to feeding her baby, competing for mom’s “me time” is another way to get her attention and gain her loyalty. Baby wraps and carriers are debuting with new designs fit for the busy mom, with plenty of styles and features that adapt to her lifestyle—not the other way around. Progress! 

It’s important for mom to pamper herself, too, and high-quality lotion, creams, and bath gels will do just that. The natural trend is still in when it comes to what mom needs, so brands that bundle for-baby and for-mom under a giant personal care umbrella are already one step ahead.

Feel free to contact me at rzeldes@womensmarketing.com for more information on the E-Comm Mom study and how our proprietary research can help your brand.

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