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Infographic: Smartphones Power Up the E-Comm Mom

30 Jul 2018 Marlea Clark

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From how she’s searching to what she’s buying, our infographic takes a look at the relationship between mom and her smartphone shopping habits.

She Still Shops In-Store, But Only Sometimes

73% of moms say they shop online because "it's so easy"

24% of moms say they start with physical stores when shopping in general

Phones Rule... Even Over Sleep!

What are the top two things you can't live without? 

#1 Mobile Phone

#2 Naptime 

Amazon is Mom's Best Friend

97% of moms shop on Amazon

82% of moms use the mobile app to shop on Amazon 

63% of moms are Amazon Prime members

Nearly half of moms plan to make their next purchase on Amazon at some point this week!

Learn more about how women shop on Amazon.

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