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5 Easy Ways to Keep Customers Loyal

19 Jul 2018 Marlea Clark

in Retail


Consumer shopping behavior has changed significantly over the years, and smarter brands have adapted with them by evolving communication to better meet customer needs. Brands need to be hyper-focused on their customer and leverage data to speak directly to shoppers in unique and beneficial ways. Here are 5 ways brands can develop loyalty by getting a little more personal.

1. Say My Name, Say My Name

Some brands have a massive amount of consumer data and don't take advantage of it. Collecting customer data is designed to give brands more insight—and sell better—so why waste it? At the very least, address your consumers by name in emails and newsletters. A recent study showed that personalized emails saw a 36% increase in open rates, even if that meant simply using the consumer’s name!

2. Use Emojis to Convey Emotion 

Despite their widespread popularity, emojis have long been considered unprofessional in a business environment. But this is beginning to change: brands will be able to choose from 2,823 emojis by the end of 2018—and they should use them. Why? Emails with emojis in the subject line saw a 66% increase in open rates, while push notifications with emojis saw a whopping 254% increase. Emojis are recognized by the brain as non-verbal communication. Considering our mobile-first world, it can’t hurt for a brand to try that line of communication, always taking your specific business environment into consideration. Just make sure the emojis convey positive emotions, like wealth, excitement, and happiness. 💰🔥🎁💸💥🎉😍👏

3. Surprise & Delight  

Keep consumers engaged by offering exclusive perks and deals. If a brand asks its shoppers to provide their birthday, why wouldn’t they reward them with a discount on that day? It’s the norm, and brands that don’t do it are missing out. If a customer orders a product, include something free in the shipment. Everyone loves a perk, especially if it’s tailored to their interests or previous purchases.

4. Ask... and You Shall Receive 

Reviews are incredibly important, especially for emerging brands that need to know how their product is resonating in the market. Our research shows many women won’t even consider purchasing without good reviews and star rankings. Try including creative package inserts that prompt recipients to post a review for a discount on their next purchase. Include a QR code to make it easy for the customer to scan, review, and redeem. If there’s a reward, consumers are more likely to act.

5. Keep It Simple & Respond Quickly   

Simplicity and speed rule. If there are more than three steps or consumers have to keep referring to a sheet of instructions, it’s not worth it. And brands must respond quickly. If customers are asked to do something and they do it, the worst thing a brand can do is leave that active shopper hanging or make them wait to receive what was promised.

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