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Infographic: Millennial Wine and Spirits Consumption | WMI

Infographic: Millennial Wine and Spirits Consumption | WMI

21 Jun 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage,


Millennials approach their beverages the same way they approach food—they’re seeking variety, innovation, and flavor with craft brews, organic wines, and small-batch spirits. Millennials are 40% more likely than the overall adult population to drink alcoholic beverages several times per year and they account for 42% of wine, 35% of beer, and 32% of spirits consumption in the U.S. In our infographic, we reveal how Generation Y consumers discover and shop for alcoholic beverages.

How Do Millennials Discover New Beverage Brands?

93% will try a new liquor brand when someone recommends it to them

90% say they feel excited when they discover a new liquor brand

66% can’t wait to tell close friends when they find a new brand they love and one-third share their discovery on social media

50% are most likely to try new brands at home with friends

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