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Infographic: Retail Experiences that Win | WMI

01 Sep 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Retail, Digital


As retailers begin to reinvent the store experience for the digital age, they are experimenting with different ways to get consumers excited about their brand and into their stores. Today, 60% of consumers are digital-first shoppers so an experience that begins on digital must seamlessly translate to the physical store. Successful retailers are combining in-store and digital and finding ways to make these channels work together seamlessly. How? Personalized digital content and product suggestions peak consumers’ interest, but it’s immersive experiences that create a personal connection to a brand that keeps them coming back. In our infographic, we explore the strategies that get female consumers into retail stores.

What Experiences Do Consumers Want In Retail Stores?

1. personalized promotions or offers

2. in-store product experiences or demos

3. limited edition products or collections

4. early access to new products

5. invitations to entertainment or social events

6. classes or learning events

7. concierge services

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