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Infographic: Tips For Listening to Customers on Social Media | WMI

02 Dec 2016 Ann D'Adamo
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It's a given that brands must have a presence on social media, but just being on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter isn't enough—social media managers have to listen and respond to feedback from their fans and followers. In fact, social media is the first place consumers turn when they have an issue or problem with a product or service, surpassing even phone calls and email! Our infographic illustrates how consumer expectations are changing and why marketers must step up to meet their demands...or risk losing their loyalty.

4 Tips to Improve Social Media Listening

1. Listen! Consider this an opportunity to improve your business and customer service

2. Don't make excuses. Apologize and accept responsibility

3. Do what you can to improve the customer's experience and correct the problem

4. Say "Thank you!"

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