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Media Strategy: Mastering the Attention Equation | WMI

05 Dec 2016 Andrea Van Dam

in Media,

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Marketers have long been vying for the attention of consumers, but today, they’re also competing to keep it—multiple social platforms, gaming apps, always-on news and information cycles, instant messaging…and that’s just what’s on their smartphones. As marketers, we need to better understand how this new normal will impact the way we capture, keep, and maximize the consumer’s attention and develop smarter, more relevant media strategy. Recently I attended eMarketer’s Attention! 2016 conference where executives from some of the world’s leading companies shared their valuable and timely insights and, I was pleased to see, validated the strategic data-and-content driven approach we take at Women’s Marketing.

A few highlights from the day;

Among the presenters were eMarketer’s Chief Innovation Officer, Geoff Ramsey, who probed the “attention equation”—attention = right time + right place + value to the consumer. Ramsey explored how the highly fragmented digital landscape impacts the path-to-purchase and why brands need to offer relevant content to the right consumer at precisely the right time.

Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School of Business and New York Times bestselling author, offered an intriguing look at the psychology and social science of influence. Referencing his latest book, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Behavior, Berger discussed how we create community by mimicking the behaviors of those around us while striving to keep our individuality intact. The challenge for marketers, he believes, is creating messages that ignite consumers to action by tapping into these innate behaviors.

Facebook’s Head of Global Product for Global Marketing Solutions, Matthew Corbin, discussed the increasingly powerful and disruptive impact of video on social media, especially in mobile. At Facebook “we fundamentally don’t believe that the shift to mobile is happening; it’s happened.” As the speed at which we consume content increases (younger Millennials already scroll content 5 times faster than people over 34!), marketers are going to have to become more adept at reaching them and “grabbing their attention.”

You can read a full recap of the event here.

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