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Health and Wellness Brands Help Consumers Get In Shape | WMI

Health and Wellness Brands Help Consumers Get In Shape | WMI

09 Dec 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Health & Wellness,

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A new year rings in a chorus of resolutions to work out and get in shape—and for those who are serious about getting fit, there is no shortage of ways to do so. Although walking is the most popular form of exercise, 68% of regular exercisers include it in their fitness routines, more than a third of consumers say they belong to a gym. As Americans increasingly recognize the health benefits of exercise, marketers are finding ways to create deeper emotional connections and motivate them to stay in the game. Here, how health and wellness brands can create those connections and build enthusiasm by helping customers reach their goals.

Why Do Women Exercise?

It’s no surprise that some women, especially Millennials, are motivated to work out in order to look great and lose weight. In fact, 64% of all women agree that they are exercising to improve their overall health. Whether it’s to improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, or prevent osteoporosis, women clearly understand the important role exercise plays in staying healthy for the long term. Build emotional connections with your customers with creative that praises their commitment to health, reminds them of the less obvious benefits of regular exercise, such as increased energy and sleep quality, or stressing the importance of a key component of exercise, like strength training to build muscle.

Creating an Exercise Habit

Twenty six percent of consumers say that having a workout partner helps inspire them to exercise. Brands can become a fitness buddy by creating content that helps followers to stay on track. Tools that aid consistency (workout calendars, fitness trackers), offer a variety of workout options (daily workout videos, introducing new types of exercise), and inspiration (quotes and #Fitspo images), to keep up their daily routine. Of course, the biggest motivator is actually seeing results—46% of women say that seeing improvements in body composition, and 39% agree that that experience improvements in overall fitness inspire them to keep going. Even a new workout outfit can inspire some women to get to the gym—20% of women say that buying new fitness apparel gets them motivated to work out!

Older Americans Most In Need of Support

Baby Boomers are almost a quarter of the U.S. population and they’re at an age where maintaining physical health is especially critical, so brands shouldn’t overlook this group. Although 49% of Boomers say that exercise is a priority, there’s still a large segment that may need a little motivation. Health and wellness brands may consider offering older consumers engaging content that taps into nostalgia to help them feel younger and motivate them to exercise. The first step to attracting this consumer may be reminding them that exercise can help them to feel youthful and more vital—offer throwback music playlists, helpful audio books, or life-stage oriented podcasts.

Health and wellness brands can be a valuable partner for consumers of all ages. At Women’s Marketing we use our deep consumer insights and media intelligence to reach them at critical moments in the path-to-purchase. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand connect with consumers when and where it matters most.

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