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Infographic: What Women Want In Anti-Aging Skin Care | WMI

12 Dec 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty


Today, women are taking a 360° view of anti-aging. They're not simply applying the latest miracle cream, there's a widespread awareness of the lifestyle factors that affect their skin's appearance and taking an "inside-out" approach to prevention and repair. In our infographic, we explore the trends in anti-aging skin care and look for opportunities for forward-thinking beauty brands.

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5 Things Women Want in Anti-Aging Skin Care

1. 73% of all women use skin care products and 1-in-5 use anti-aging skin care

2. 67% of women buy mostly mass brands, 19% purchase prestige brands

3. 24% of women with household incomes over $75K invest in anti-aging products

4. Premium skin care shoppers are more influenced by digital marketing

5. 17% of women have taken a nutritional supplement designed to enhance beauty and reverse the effects of aging