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4 Steps to Successful Mobile Media Marketing | WMI

21 Apr 2015 Liz OShaughnessy

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Just one week after eMarketer dubbed 2015 as “The Year of Mobile” the Mobile Marketing Association kicked off their 2015 Forum in New York. With mobile usage booming and analytics slow to keep up, brands are often falling into the trap, as Charlie Kordes of SafeAuto explained, where they “think everything will work the same across platforms.” If it works on desktop it will work on mobile, right? Wrong. The female consumer interacts with her devices differently and for different purposes, therefore she wants, and expects, different experiences tailored to the respective platform.

All Digital is Not Created Equal

Brands know that they need to lead with mobile media marketing, but all too often do so by simply extending digital across all platforms with the same key performance indicators (KPIs). What we’re trying to say is that all digital is not created equal, and lucky for you, we’ve prepared some top ways to avoid getting stuck in the trap.

1. Ask the consumer:
Literally. Before you can expect mobile to work for your brand, you need to determine how mobile media marketing can best work for your consumer. Take the time to evaluate what she needs from you as a brand—this will inform you how and when to connect with her most effectively. Mobile can be that extra little nudge the consumer needs to get in the store, or it can be that time-saving banking device that she didn’t know was in her pocket all along.

2. Make it snappy:
Kathy Sheehan of GfK Consumer Trends showed us how strikingly short our attention span has become. Collectively, our sustained attention span has decreased from 12 minutes to 5 minutes since 1998 and our focused attention span fell from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since 2000 – that’s one second less than a goldfish! In brief—our consumer’s most valuable asset is time. Connect, communicate, and customize the consumer’s mobile experience, and do it all with an accelerated pace in mind.

3. Compare apples to apples:
Mobile advertising, while rapidly growing, still maintains a relative mystery to most brands. Although marketers are finally becoming comfortable with the ever-changing digital landscape, their solution to mobile is to simply run the same desktop campaign on a mobile device – only to be shocked by the drastically different results. Set your brand’s mobile campaign up for success, by putting mobile-specific KPIs in place. Develop creative that encourages a mobile call to action, as opposed to a click based call to action, and leverage the incredibly deep targeting techniques available specifically to the mobile platform.

4. Don’t throw in the towel:
Above all, “resist the temptation to launch, measure, and kill,” as Jeremy Lockhorn of Razorfish advised. Mobile media marketing and planning will continue to lead the pack in terms of usage and time-spent, even more so for the younger generations, so it is imperative that we as brands and marketers invest in, test with, and learn from our mobile executions.

Ready to Launch Your Mobile Media Marketing Campaign?

Contact Women’s Marketing Inc. for a consultation about how you can best leverage your mobile media marketing and planning efforts, identify specific mobile KPI’s and customize your consumer’s mobile experience.

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