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Infographic: What's Popping in the Food and Beverage Category?

19 Apr 2018 Marlea Clark

in Food & Beverage


With increasingly on-the-go lifestyles, Americans are reaching for snacks to satisfy their hunger cravings or replace meals entirely. Salty snacks are a nearly ubiquitous presence in American households, with 91% of household reporting purchase within the past three months. While there have been steady gains in protein-packed meat snacks, popcorn, pretzels, and cheese-flavored snacks continue to be favorites. In our infographic we look at the latest snack trends, which snacks consumers grab first, and why the better-for-you category is poised for growth.

What’s Popping in the Food and Beverage Snack Category?

Salty snacks have consumers purchased in the past three months

67% popcorn

58% pretzels

55% cheese-flavored snacks

53% corn snacks

34% meat snacks

20% pork rinds

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