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Infographic: Who's Behind The Mask?

29 Dec 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty


Most American beauty consumers would attribute the rise in popularity of face masks to the Korean beauty trend, but it’s a little-known fact that China represents almost half of all global face mask buyers. Sixty one percent of Chinese women say they are concerned about premature aging due to environmental pollutants and they’re turning to masks to combat their effects. Although the U.S. market only represents about 3.5% of the global beauty mask market, the category is forecast to grow exponentially through 2021. In our infographic we look at what American beauty consumers think about skin care masks and what the opportunity is for brands. 

Beauty Masks = Me Time

For Millennials, masks are part of a weekly self-care ritual but there’s opportunity for Gen X and Boomer women who are interested in targeting specific conditions such as wrinkle reduction, hydration, and brightness

Use masks weekly

20-29     23%

30-39     17%

40-49     15%

What women love about face masks

easy to use

instant results after use

single use packs

treat specific condition (acne, fine lines/aging)

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