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Inside SwimsuitsforAll’s #SwimSexy Campaign | WMI

15 Feb 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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WMI_Swimsuit_Header.jpgSwimsuitsforAll’s groundbreaking campaigns challenge viewers to redefine their concept of beauty. Last year the e-tailer—and Women’s Marketing client—ran in Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue featuring curvy model Ashley Graham. This year, they aim to prove that every body is sexy with their #SwimSexy campaign that includes 56-year-old silver-haired stunner Nicola Griffin and plus-size models Philomena Kwao and Ashley Graham confidently showing off their curves in itsy-bitsy metallic gold bikinis. The ads will once again appear in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, further challenging perceptions about age and body size. Sara Mitzner, content director for SwimsuitsforAll, spoke to us about the campaign and the overwhelmingly positive response they’re received from both men and women.

Women’s Marketing: SwimsuitsforAll is redefining what it means to be beautiful and sexy–it’s no longer just about being young and skinny–all body types and women of any age can #SwimSexy. Why did the brand feel that it was important to address this issue in your advertising?

Sara Mitzner: We serve so many different kinds of women—different sizes, shapes, races, and ages with our swimwear every day that it just made the most sense to express that through our advertising. We always look to be a leader in swimwear and this year’s campaign continued to prove that we’re a company-to-watch with a real POV that we’re not afraid to put out there. We put the first-ever plus size model in SI with our ad campaign last year and this year we took that one step further. We’re constantly evolving. 

Women’s Marketing: This is the second year that you’ve run game-changing ads in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue-why did you choose this iconic issue to run these groundbreaking ads?

Sara Mitzner: It’s the Bible of swimwear— it’s defined sexiness for decades. This is where models are made into supermodels and where companies are made into market giants. If you have something to say about swimwear and sexiness, which we always do, this is the place to do it. Its readership and exposure are in a league of its own.

Women’s Marketing: How have your ads evolved to make an even more powerful statement about women and the media’s portrayal of beauty?

Sara Mitzner: There isn’t only one way to be curvy. There are curvy women of different shapes, races, and ages and they are all sexy. This year we wanted to express that more evolved message. 

Women’s Marketing: How have both men and women responded to the campaign?

Sara Mitzner: There has been a VERY positive response overall!

 Here is one of the comments from a man:

"Just looked too sexy not to order this suit for my wife!"

Here is a little recap of some more positive responses:


– Omg @swimsuitsforall. I absolutely love it. The most obvious is the age-breaking choice and absolutely amazing because the older women are left out of ads the most. Thank you!!

– Serious #lifegoals over here. This makes me excited about getting older! LOL What a babe.

– I hope I look this good when I’m an elder

– @ladyg0d1va your age. Making history. And I was just complaining that this SI issue wasn’t diverse!!


@swimsuitsforall  team!! You're leading the pact with a movement that will change history forever! Thank you! 

– The @swimsuitsforall #SwimSexy campaign is important, even though it's not perfect.  http://bsl.io/acY  Instead of saying 'this is what beauty looks like,' it begs a far more important question: Where can beauty go from here?” (this woman actually wrote the Bustle article in the link provided).


– I freakin LOVE this body positive campaign tailored to ages and body types of all😍 #‎SwimSexy 

– Real women on sports illustrated. I might get myself a copy.

– Yayyyy!! Not only young diversity, but FINALLY age diversity as well!! Just because we are in our 50's, doesn't mean we are ready for the grave!!

Also, some support also being shown for Philomena being a darker-skinned model. For example, this comment: ‘So happy to feel represented through you!’

Also of course there have been the marginal nay-sayers: One of the hosts on Boomer and Carton made a statement in regards to Ashely Graham saying she “felt like a Bond girl while doing this photoshoot” that was rude to say the least. Not word for word, but it was along the lines of, “She looks like she could eat James Bond.”

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