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How To Create Amazing Native Ad Content | WMI

04 Apr 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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Want to know how to create amazing native advertising or custom content? Follow these five guidelines!

Brands and publishers are getting on the same page, literally! Increasingly, marketers are partnering with news and lifestyle websites to create custom advertising content that taps into their readers’ passions. This custom programming offers an opportunity for brands to insert their products and messages into the publisher’s editorial content in a way that organically aligns with the publisher’s tone and point-of-view. It’s not about fooling consumers, rather, it’s an opportunity for brands to reach their intended audience in a way that feels relevant to their interests and lifestyle.

Native content has proven to be an effective tool for advertisers that want to appeal to a targeted audience—specifically, Millennials. While other forms of advertising remain effective, the more journalistic nature of content integrated advertising is welcomed by this demographic—75% of Millennials said that messaging from branded content interested them more than any other advertising format! Below, we offer a few tips for working with publishers to create amazing collaborative content.

Let authenticity guide you

Review previously published content to ensure a good fit for your brand. Good content should never feel forced, it should align with the reader’s sense of identity, appeal to emotions, or offer useful information.

Work with the publisher’s editorial team to tell your story

Brand partnerships should be truly collaborative. Get the most out of your experience by explaining your challenges and allowing the editorial team to offer unique solutions and a compelling narrative that organically fit within trusted editorial.

Continue the conversation

Sponsored content doesn’t simply live on a web page—social media extends its shelf-life and allows it to be discovered by an entirely new audience. Amplifying evergreen content on the publisher’s social networks, as well as the brand’s own, give content renewed life over a longer period of time. Additionally, readers are not shy about commenting on editorial pages or social networks—start a dialogue that continues the conversation and turns readers into customers.

Disclosure is essential

The Federal Trade Commission is enforcing its guidelines on native advertising. When working with a publisher, make sure that content is easily identifiable as advertising and disclosure of sponsorship is clear and prominent.

Get real-time analytics

Work with content partners to leverage real-time insights into ad performance that offer a deeper understanding of the consumer, the content that engages them, and, ultimately the campaign’s success.

Millennial consumers want to connect with brands and publishers who speak to their core values. They view content marketing as a mutually beneficial relationship—when done well, content marketing can help your brand stand out from the competition and connect with customers on their terms. Women’s Marketing offers our clients best-in-class advertising solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand reach female consumers when and where they are most receptive to your message.

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