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Media & Marketing Trends 2017 | WMI

19 Dec 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Media,

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Every year brings the unexpected, but 2016 seemed to bring more surprises than most. Among many, the Chicago Cubs broke a 108-year losing streak, the pop culture world lost David Bowie and Prince—two irreplaceable music icons, and perhaps the most stunning of all—the outcome of the U.S. presidential election defied the polls. One could confidently say this year hasn’t been boring.

As marketers, we’ve seen a few shakeups this year as well. Snapchat, now Snap Inc., has disrupted the way consumers engage on social, PokémonGo brought augmented reality into our backyards, and influencer marketing took off in a big way. As 2016 fades away, we’re looking to 2017 and wondering what the future holds for brands and consumers. Our "Media & Marketing Trends 2017" report holds our top predictions for the new year. Stay tuned, as we continue to expect the unexpected!

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