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Mobile Trend Infographic: How Consumers Use Smartphones Today | WMI

28 Nov 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Digital


To say that computers and, more recently, smartphones have changed the way we live is an understatement. But the extent that we now rely on mobile devices to access information, shop, and live is unprecedented. With information at our fingertips, 94% of all users browse the web every single day on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our infographic illustrates why it's critical to understand how, where, and when consumers are using these devices and develop connected messaging across devices that will be most relevant to the user.

5 Must-Know Statistics About Mobile Use

1. 80% of Americans use a smartphone every day

2. More mobile searches occur on mobile in the morning, but desktop searches peak during the workday (8am and 4pm)

3. 57% of consumers use more than one type of deveice and 21% use a mobile device while similutaneously using a computer or tablet

4. The average consumer spends 170 minutes on a smartphone every day

5. The average YouTube mobile viewing session is 40 minutes

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