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15 Things You Must Know About Mobile | WMI

14 Mar 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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If you find yourself reaching for your phone every few minutes, you’re not alone. Researchers found that the average person looks at his or her phone forty six times every day. Considering that we look at our phones more frequently than any other device, it’s only natural that marketers are trying to learn how to best reach consumers via mobile. We’ve pulled together some of the most interesting facts about mobile use, along with the latest ad trends.

What Are Consumers Doing on Smartphones?

1. Today’s consumers are spending over 85% of their time using apps on smartphones. Facebook and Google dominate app usage, accounting for 13% and 12% of time spent on apps respectively. Other big name companies also see heavy use including Amazon (3%), Apple 3%), Yahoo (2%), Microsoft (1%), and eBay (1%)

 2. Streaming video represents 9% of minutes used. YouTube leads in audience, with 43% adoption, but Netflix viewers watch for longer times; with the highest median use at 31 minutes, 33 seconds

3. Games and Music account for 6% of smartphone usage minutes. In 2016, more than two-thirds of mobile phone users and nearly 56% of the U.S. population will play games on their phone at least monthly

4. Other categories, like shopping (5%), maps/navigation (6%), email (4%), and productivity (3%) are also popular

5. Books and magazines represent 2% of smartphone usage minutes

6. Among Millennials who own smartphones, social network access was the most popular activity, followed by visiting a search engine, and using an instant messaging or chat app in third

 Are Consumers Shopping on Mobile?

7. Shopping on mobile phones is increasing. Smartphones now account for 60% of all mobile transactions in the U.S., compared to 52% just one year ago

8. In 2016, analysts expect 5.1 million Americans ages 14 and older to shop on mobile phones

9. Researchers predict that almost 79% of digital shoppers will add items to their mobile shopping cart, then fail to complete the purchase on their phone

10. Analysts estimate that this year, 44.5% of all U.S. retailers will use mobile coupons for marketing purposes, up from 40.5% that did so in 2015. They predict that 104.8 million adults will use a mobile device to redeem a coupon or code at least once this year—or 82.1% of adult digital coupon users in the U.S.

11. Mobile coupons that feature unique promotions, such as partnerships with other apps and sites, will see at least a 42% above average ROI

 What do consumers think about mobile ads?

12.  Research shows that 60% of clicks on mobile banner ads are mistakes. Users most often encounter banner ads when checking the news (65%), using social media (50%), playing games (47%), watching videos (45%) and listening to music (45%)

13. Almost half (48%) of Millennials admitted they would be more influenced by more creative advertising

14. Video ads are an area of growth. In a survey of marketing executives, 45% are planning pre-roll and mid-roll video advertising in 2016

15. Marketers identified the top three benefits of video ads: brand awareness, better engagement/interaction, and best suited to mobile consumption behavior

What Can Marketers Do To Increase Mobile Engagement?

Follow the consumer. Research shows that consumers are spending most of their time on apps, including social media, YouTube, and gaming apps

Make check out easy. Fewer steps, better interface, and more payment options increase the likelihood of mobile purchase completion

Create relevant, eye-catching ads. Consumers appear to be more engaged by short, creative video ads served when, and where, it’s most relevant to them

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