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Personalized Video Delivers for Brands | WMI

Personalized Video Delivers for Brands | WMI

26 Jan 2016 Rich Zeldes

in Digital,


Today it’s essential for marketers to create a real, interactive, and personalized dialogue with their customers—wherever and whenever they’re ready to listen and respond. Although social media has expanded a brand’s reach, one channel has become increasingly important—video. As consumers increasingly spend time viewing digital video, marketers are following.

Although there are a number of video ad formats available, research shows that videos targeted to the viewer’s interest are the most effective tactic for attracting views and found that it was the most valuable video advertising feature for clients.

At Women’s Marketing we work with best-in-class partners to develop personalized video ads for our clients. Using cutting-edge technology, our video partner is able to deliver dynamic targeted video ads based on weather, time of day, or retail location, among other personalization formats. Further, they can create several different versions of the video and deliver the correct version to each viewer based on targeting.

Click on the video links to see campaigns created for a leading brand. Their in-store sales solutions leverages past shopping behavior to identify audience segments and delivers awareness and measurable ROI for your brand.

Is mobile media marketing right for your brand? Our team of media professionals leverages their expertise in reaching women throughout their day to develop personalized media plans for emerging and ambitious established brands. Contact us today to learn more about digital video or any of our other media capabilities.

Source: eMarketer: For Agencies, Targeted Video Ads Best at Grabbing Viewer Attention June, 2015