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Pinterest’s 2018 Top Trends

21 Dec 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness

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Pinterest is part search engine, part social network, and, while it’s highly visual like Instagram, it offers much more than pretty pictures. Pinterest is a place to explore passions, get ideas, and plan for the future. Its tech innovations apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and visual search to understand what users want to see. As 2018 approaches, here are the trends in food and beverage, beauty, and health and wellness that Pinterest predicts will be rising in the new year.

Food and Beverage Trends 2018

Since last year, Pinterest has seen a 46% increase in food and drink pins—and with more than 19 billion recipes, foodies will never run out of options.

Diet-friendly frying: saves for “air fryer” are up 1809%

Souping is the new juicing: saves for pureed soup are up 306%

Caffeine plus: “healthy coffee” saves are up 218% as consumers look to supercharge their coffee with protein powder or superfoods

Moroccan spice: North African flavors like cumin, coriander, and cardamom are tingling taste buds as saves for “Moroccan” are up 2579%

Plant proteins: beyond Meatless Monday, consumers are waking up to the benefits of quinoa, lentils, and hemp as saves for “plant protein” are up 417%

Vegan desserts: consumers are swapping dairy for coconut oil and flax seeds; saves for “vegan desserts” are up 329%

Make mine a mocktail: searches for “virgin cocktails” are up 160% as consumers look for non-alcoholic beverages made with artisanal ingredients

Beauty Trends 2018

Beauty is booming on Pinterest with a 75% increase in pins year-over-year! Consumers are looking to influencers to learn about the latest products to try and tutorials for everyday looks and special occasions.

Flirty lashes: searches for long, lush lashes are up 152%

The Fenty effect: saves for “complexion matching” are up 378% as women search for foundations that best match a wide range of skin tones

The long and short of it: there’s no in-between as women are taking hair to the extremes, saves for “long hair” and “pixie cut” are up 130%

Pattern play: manicures get graphic with geometric designs and negative space, searches for “geometric nails” are up 83%

Let’s roll: searches for facial rollers are up 345%

Makeup kits: consumers want to curate their own assortment for a customized look; searches for makeup kits are up 147%

Step aside Kylie: moving away from a heavily made up lip, women are looking for sheer or matte lip tints, saves for “lip tint” are up 414%

Health and Wellness Trends 2018

Sixty one percent of consumers say Pinterest is where they find ideas to become their best selves, and they have more than 2 billion pins to help them do it.

Gut feeling: consumers are looking to Pinterest to help them deal with digestive issues and learn about gut-friendly foods; saves for “gut health” are up 251%

Strong women: it’s no longer about hitting a goal weight, it’s about being strong. Saves for “strength training” are up 415%

Clear the air: saves for “air purifier” and “air purifying plants” are up 270%

Post-workout: saves for “post workout stretches” are up 105%

Gentle movement: beyond yoga, wellness enthusiasts are trying Tai Chi for its stress-reducing benefits; saves for Tai Chi are up 189%

It’s all about me: women are taking time to care for themselves, searches for “self-care” are up 537%

Presence of mind: as the world becomes increasingly frenetic, pinners are searching for ways to be more present in everyday life. Saves for “living in the moment” are up 464%

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Source: Pinterest 100: The top trends to try in 2018 

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