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Quick & Easy: A Look At Beauty Routines | WMI

Quick & Easy: A Look At Beauty Routines | WMI

06 Mar 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty,

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Although your Instagram feed may be filled with images of expertly made up beauty bloggers, most women aren’t getting up in the morning and creating a multi-step hair and makeup look. With time at a premium, 59% of women say they prefer a natural look for every day and are seeking products that enhance their looks rather than trying to cover up or alter their appearance. Today, women feel less pressure both from society and from their peers to always look flawless and feel more confident with their overall appearance. A more open and inclusive approach to beauty is having an effect on the way women approach their beauty routines.

Letting You Shine Through: Why The Natural Look Is In

The average woman spends only about 20 minutes getting ready in the morning. This includes washing, conditioning, and styling hair, attending to a skin care routine, and applying makeup—for most women, throwing their hair up in a messy bun or braid and applying a coat of mascara and swipe of lip gloss may be all they have time for! Researchers found that typical daily beauty routines include between five and nine steps, further illustrating that while women may be engaged in the beauty category, they seek simplicity. Products that multi-task, are easy to use, and offer efficiency can help women get the results they want with minimal effort.

Special Occasions Offer Time for Experimentation

Although only 11% of women say they create a complex makeup look as part of their regular weekday routine, 25% admit to doing so on the weekends. Millennial women invest more time in their appearance and are more likely to take ten or more steps when they’re getting ready for a night on the town. Since more women will be searching for tutorials and ideas for special occasion looks on weekends and specific seasons (wedding, holiday, etc…), brands can generate awareness and encourage experimentation with social content and keyword strategies that highlight special occasion looks.

The Skinny on Skin

When it comes to skin care, women want simple one-step solutions. Although 70% of all women use facial skincare products, only one third use more than two products as part of their daily routine. However, weekends offer more time for specialized use of skincare products that offer solutions such as hydrating or cleansing masks. Messaging that promotes use of skin care products as affordable luxury and an investment in oneself can help brands convert occasional users into more active skincare consumers.

 It’s also worth noting that as Millennials approach middle age, their skin care needs will change, prompting them to seek products that address dryness and other age-related challenges. Among Millennial women, 23% express fears of looking older and 20% say they are already actively doing all they can to fight the physical signs of aging—because their fear of aging outpaces their active engagement in the anti-aging category, it suggests that women are waiting until they begin to see the signs of aging before investing in anti-aging products.

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Source: Mintel, The Millennial Beauty Consumer, February 2017