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Rising Star Report: Driving Revenue Growth Through Effective Lead Generation

18 Oct 2019 Elizabeth McHugh

in Digital, Retail, Strategy


  • 1000% ROI for luxury client with 24% increase in revenue YoY
  • 23% increase in revenue for a healthcare client on a 24% budget decrease
  • 98.4% increase in transactions YoY with a 30% sales increase for a third client

59% of global marketers feel that social media is the most effective tactic for driving leads. While social media is a highly useful tactic—to a point—we take a more robust approach with our clients, incorporating social as one of many strategies. We power a diversification of media with an advanced understanding of the consumer, viewing a research-driven consumer analysis as table stakes for successful lead generation. Starting strategically, with a holistic understanding of the entire business, enables us to transform revenue through qualified lead generation that delivers strong customer acquisition. Many of our retail clients have approached us needing effective lead gen; our methods for solving that problem have transformed each of these businesses.


  • For one client, we began by implementing a software tracking program, knowing that it would be key toward understanding performance metrics. Then, through comprehensive SEO and cross-channel lead generation campaigns, we increased bookings by 20% and revenue 23% YoY.
  • After mind-mapping the multiple stages of the customer journey for another client, we implemented highly specific, localized targeting to drive growth in physical locations. Even with a 24% budget decrease, our combination of top-of-funnel lead generation and bottom-funnel conversion tactics grew the client’s overall business by 23% YoY. Traditional media can still play a role in other brand KPIs, but digital transformation has kept this brand showing measurable growth.
  • A third client came to us seeking to transform their business from a historical dependency on traditional media to digital. Starting with a “bottom-up” approach, we maximized e-commerce returns and then layered on additional channels. Through a combination of SEM, paid social, and retargeting, we maintained a focus on conversion that led to a 98.4% increase in transactions and a 30% increase in sales growth YoY.

Our approach to lead generation drives significant results regardless of client industry. Furthermore, because we work with clients in a partnership—collaboratively, ingrained in their business—our comprehensive view of goals, challenges, and opportunities adds yet another layer to our leads process.

Seeking to supercharge your brand through lead generation and customer acquisition? Connect with us to understand how we would approach your opportunities with a custom framework.



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