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Backlinks: Real-World Insights For Success

31 May 2019 Rafe Block

in SEO

 An integral element to our SEO workflow at Stella Rising is to collaborate cross-channel with our clients’ marketing and development teams. We see working with developers, content creators, and PR teams holistically as essential to success.

Many SEO professionals get caught up with link building solely as a means to receive “link juice” from the referring website to build up Domain and Page authority. Indeed, “link juice” is critical to the success of a website, but the ways that links can benefit brands in organic search and overall SEO are often overlooked. Something we have noticed while diligently working to build high-authority links—either internally or with a PR firm—is that the more current a topic is, the more value that comes from that link outside of the traditional sense of claiming “link juice.”

A recent example of highly current links driving significant momentum happened when a client’s PR firm obtained a vital link on People. We were ecstatic for the obvious implications of having such a high domain authority (92 DA) website linking to our client’s brand. Then, we quickly realized that the link had an even more noteworthy impact on the website’s SEO than imagined. A few days after the link was placed on People, our client had noticed twice as many organic enrollments in their service. Our client was curious as to the cause of this positive trend, so we investigated. A check with SEMrush confirmed that our high-priority, converting keywords were unchanged in rank. Then, Google Search Console highlighted that the spike in clicks and impressions had occurred the same day as the enrollment increase. After we downloaded that data, we found that the rise in clicks and impressions had come from a collection of branded search queries. The dramatic upsurge in organic clicks and impressions lined up perfectly with the release of the People article. After seeing enrollments increase plus the corresponding rise of branded search, we safely concluded that the backlink had a more considerable SEO impact than previously hoped.

Not only did the link improve the website's authority from a link equity perspective, but it also directly impacted SEO by leading a large number of consumers to the site because the link was so relevant and the market so targeted. The article resonated with readers to such a significant level that they searched for the brand after reading the article and were motivated to need our client’s service. We now have increased our efforts in finding culturally relevant topics that touch on lifestyle aspects that, in turn, influence a brand’s main goal and purpose.

While this is just one example of how we handle link building, we tend to differentiate our approach per client based on resources and strategy. We often rely on a combination of content outreach, data-driven visuals, optimizing press releases, and local interaction.

Content Outreach

When we plan a link strategy around content outreach, we often collaborate closely with PR teams or content managers. In doing so, we work with the goal of optimizing content for SEO. We always prioritize the SEO viability of content and the connection it has with the client’s overall goal.

Data-Driven Visuals

For clients with comprehensive data, we aim to create visually appealing content in partnership with their creative teams. Ideally, the content is easily sharable and takes advantage of their wealth of data. These initiatives are especially effective due to the easy social shareability of visuals.

Press Release Optimization

We strive to share high-quality content with hand-picked, relevant, and authoritative sites. Additionally, we also help craft press releases to gain links through thought leadership and instances where our client’s expertise is valued. This close, working handle on press releases allows us to ensure that all of the high-quality links that we are working hard to claim don’t mistakenly use incorrect URLs or link to the wrong page!

Local Events & Sponsorships

Another area of link building we enjoy, especially for clients that are local businesses, is to encourage and find local events or sponsorships that result in strong backlinks and improve local brand awareness. Furthermore, we have discovered that while this may seem like an area suited only for local businesses, national and even international brands can take advantage of local initiatives. For example, a local focus often closely reflects brand messaging, driving home integrity.

No matter what type of brand you have, backlinks will always be a critical part of SEO. We strive to ensure that the strategies we implement complement those of our clients and drive short and long-term results. Please connect with us today to learn more about our link building expertise and to see how we can drive SEO efforts forward for your emerging or enterprise brand.