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The 7 Most Wanted Selfie-Worthy Beauty Experiences | WMI

The 7 Most Wanted Selfie-Worthy Beauty Experiences | WMI

17 May 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty,

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When does a manicure become an Instagrammable moment? Anytime between the moment she selects a shade of polish to showing off her trendy tips! Consumers don’t merely want to buy products or services, they want to engage in experiences they can share with friends. The products-meets-service category continues to grow as consumers become more invested in on-the-go beauty services. Here, we explore the top trending services in the U.S.

Most Wanted Beauty Services of 2017

1. Fast Facial
Lasers at lunchtime? It’s not Star Wars, it’s the latest trend in no-downtime skin care. The 10-minute laser facial combines two lasers; the first vaporizes dirt and bacteria, minimizes oil production, and stimulates collagen production, while the second works on the top layer of skin to reduce inflammation, soothe broken capillaries, and gently polish the skin surface.

2. Fat Freeze
It’s no surprise that a new technique promising to eliminate excess fat by freezing and eliminating fat cells from the most stubborn areas of the body is intriguing a lot of women. Among beauty enthusiasts, 5% have already tried the technique, and 46% are interested in trying it on problem areas. The non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment can be done in-office with little to no downtime for the consumer.

3. Better Brows
Bold brows remain one of the top beauty trends, but some women are investing in eyebrow tinting, instead of applying make-up, so their brows appear more prominent. The process takes as little as 20 minutes and can be added to an eyebrow shaping appointment.

4. No Mascara Necessary
Professional lash extension services are growing quickly as women embrace the “I just woke up like this,” feeling of having long, luxurious lashes without having to apply (or remove) mascara. The service is increasingly popular with brides and vacationers, and anyone else who wants tear-proof or beach-proof lashes without the worry of smudging or flaking. More than half of women who purchase this service invest in a full set of lashes, while 15% do a half-set, and another third just fill in sparse spots with a few individual lashes.

5. Laser Hair Removal
This trend is popular among both men and women. Requiring anywhere from three to six sessions depending on the size of the treatment area, laser hair removal treatments are a commitment for consumers. But the promise of permanent results (and never having to wax or shave again), appeals to consumers—38% say they are interested in laser hair removal.

6. The Frozen Fountain of Youth
Cryotherapy is a health and beauty treatment that involves exposure to sub-zero temperatures with the aim of reducing inflammation and detoxifying the body. The procedure has been successfully used by athletes to recover from injuries and is now being touted as an anti-aging treatment. Although just 5% of beauty enthusiasts have tried cryotherapy to date, 30% have expressed interest in the treatment.

7. Hot Topic
From one extreme to another! Dry heat saunas have been used for hundreds of years, but infrared saunas combine dry heat with infrared light to penetrate deeper into the skin. Proponents say they more effectively eliminate toxins, assist with weight loss, stimulate collagen, and even tone skin. More than a third of beauty enthusiasts have tried, or would like to try this treatment.

Both men and women are increasingly investing more in their health and appearance. These services are indicative of their intent to simplify their lives and invest in their health—all while looking their best and doing everything possible to remain youthful. Women’s Marketing actively tracks consumer behavior and trends to understand how women live today and accurately predict what they’ll be interested in tomorrow. Contact us to discover how we can put our insights to work for your brand.

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Source: Poshly Special Report on Beauty Services 2016