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The Millennial Nip/Tuck | WMI

10 Apr 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty, Health & Wellness


Plastic surgery used to be something that was done discreetly. Women would have a nip here, tuck there, and emerge after all telltale signs had faded. Today, cosmetic procedures have come out of the closet thanks to social media (a.k.a. the “Kardashian Effect”) and more affordable non-invasive treatments. The appeal of these treatments goes beyond Baby Boomers—Botox, fillers, Ultherapy, laser treatments and other anti-aging procedures appeal to all generations. In fact, for the eighth year in a row, Botulinum Toxin—the formal name for Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin—was the number one non-surgical treatment in America. Moreover, its use among Millennials jumped 87% between 2011 and 2016—a 31% increase since 2015.

The Kardashian Effect

Social media has removed the stigma once associated with plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures largely due to celebrities chronicling their own treatments on Instagram or Snapchat. While not every woman wants to replicate Kylie’s pillowy lips or Kim’s shapely posterior, the awareness generated on social has made these procedures much more mainstream. In a selfie-obsessed world, both men and women are more aware of their appearance and willing to experiment with injectables almost as easily as they would try a new hair color or style.

Younger, Smarter Consumers

Even before they’ve walked into a doctor’s office, most consumers have already educated themselves about treatment options, specific products, and expected outcomes. Millennial consumers, and increasingly teens, are using images on social media to learn about specific procedures and then researching those treatments online, reading reviews of specific injectable cosmetic brands, and even vetting doctors online before making an appointment. Today, consumers have a far more complete understanding of the procedure and anticipated results than ever before and that’s giving consumers the confidence to invest in a variety of cosmetic procedures. It’s never been more important for brands and manufacturers of technology to become consumer-focused. Many are increasingly investing in educating the consumer directly through a content strategy, actively marketing their brand on social media, retargeting through ads, and going directly to influencers to promote their products.

Beauty on the Go

With the demand for non-surgical procedures on the rise, getting an injection of filler, for example, could become as easy as getting a manicure. Pop-up clinics specializing in injectibles have been appearing in key markets across the country. While this extension of the beauty bar concept may sound extreme, the business is reportedly seeing an 85% client repeat rate and Allergan (maker of Botox) credits it as the highest-revenue generating and fastest-growing new account in the country.

Consumers view these procedures as an investment in themselves and their personal brand and successful manufacturers will meet them half-way, offering the information they seek to achieve the results they demand.

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