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Infographic: TikTok Surges in Quarantine

08 May 2020 Elizabeth McHugh

in Digital, Social Media

TikTok is still the new wild west in many ways when it comes to advertising and brands. However, the short-form video app has been a quarantine star, surpassing two billion downloads and captivating Gen Z and Millennial generations. While all of us will be forever affected by COVID-19, younger Americans—who we are calling GenC—will be truly formed by this experience. So, as they spend their extra free time on TikTok, we are documenting the app’s progress, with notes on the new thinking and behaviors of the younger generations. To further our understanding regarding how users are feeling about TikTok, we spoke with our community of everyday influencers—their emotions were mixed.



  • Globally, TikTok has now reached 2 billion downloads, after a surge in Q1
  • 52.2 million unique U.S. users; +12 million of which were added in March
  • 48.3%: The increase in unique U.S. visitors between January and March
  • U.S. app users averaged 858 minutes (over 14 hours) in March 2020, up from an average of 442.9 minutes in October 2019 (+94%)
  • 26% of 18-34-year-olds expect to be impacted by COVID-19 in future; higher than all other generations
  • 52% of Millennials and 49% of Gen Zers have already felt the financial impacts of COVID-19
  • 44% of 18-34-year-olds feel that social media positively influences their health and wellbeing
  • What Our Glimmer Community is Saying:
    • "Haven't tried it yet. However, looks like folks are having fun so I'll probably start."
    • "I have it and love it. The only downside is that just like any other platform, the second I registered, I got overwhelmed with mildly creepy followers that would ‘slide into my DM's.’"
    • I love TikTok!! Sometimes it's weird. It's targeted. I mostly love the makeup videos or just the craziness in other people's lives! I haven’t made my own content yet, but I intend to! They are good at marketing because I've bought a few things I've seen on the platform.

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