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Infographic: Status Update on U.S. Hotels

24 Jul 2019 Elizabeth Timmis

in Infographic

Summer represents one of the peak seasons for travel, and because the travel industry is seeing significant YoY growth, this summer in particular is noteworthy. But with Airbnb and other homesharing services on the rise and consumers driving change, the road forward might not be entirely smooth. For this Stella Rising infographic we are analyzing hotels because they represent an enormous segment of this market. Consumer sentiment is healthy, but challenges come in the form of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Compounding this difficulty, Google rolled out its own version of an OTA this year, and the tech giant’s masterful level of user data makes it an instant threat. In order to sustain growth, hotels will need to invest in branding, shake up their approach to digital media, and focus on what currently elevates them: experiences and customer service.


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