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The 4 Attributes of a Successful Beauty Brand

23 Mar 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty

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What makes women emotionally connect with beauty brands? How does a brand develop a cult following? More important, what makes that sustainable in an increasingly competitive landscape? Here, we explore the building blocks of a successful beauty brand and look at how winning brands stay on top.

Begin with An Authentic Story

In a crowded marketplace, a brand must have an authentic DNA that sets it apart from everyone else. Consumers can spot fake a mile away. What does your brand represent? Your products, branding, packaging, and communication must be consistently rooted in that story.

Constantly (and Consistently) Offers Innovation

Is your brand life-changing? Successful brands solve consumer problems and do it better, faster, and more creatively than anyone else. They embrace the new and consistently offer consumers more effective products and formats. 

Quality, Efficacy, and Trust

Bottom line: the product must work. Great packaging or a cool name may compel consumers to try your product once and share it on social media, but you can’t persuade them to rave about a brand that’s substandard – or buy it again. Successful brands are obsessed with quality, efficacy, and earning (and maintaining) consumer trust.

How A Product Makes Consumers Feel About Themselves/Identity and Inclusivity

Beauty is rooted in identity—amplifying who the consumer is and helping her (or him) become who she wants to be. Brands that spread a message of inclusivity, individuality, and self-expression win.

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