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Infographic: Where to Find Generation Z on Social Media

27 Mar 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Digital


There are almost 75 million kids under 17 in the U.S. and they are already making a big impact on the economy. Generation Z accounts for $143 billion in direct spending and 93% of parents say their teens and tweens sway family and household purchases. But what influences kids? Research shows that kids are spending between six and nine hours a day online for school, entertainment, communicating with friends, and keeping up with the latest trends. In our infographic, we explore Generation Z's relationship with social media and how it influences their spending habits. 

Generation Z's Favorite Social Media Platforms 

Social Media Visited Daily (select all that apply)

65%        YouTube

49%       Snapchat

43%       Instagram

42%        Facebook

22%        Twitter

9%          Pinterest

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