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Who Is The Walmart Beauty Shopper? | WMI

11 Jan 2017 Ann D'Adamo
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Who is the Walmart beauty shopper? She's thrifty, she's social, but above all, she loves to discover and try! In our infographic, we look at how women shop for beauty specifically at Walmart.

5 Things You Should Know About How Women Shop For Beauty At Walmart

1. 78% agree that her main shopping goal is to save as much money as possible

2. 75% say price is more important than brand name

3. She uses her mobile phone to get more information while shopping in-store

4. Personal recommendations influence her decision to try and buy new products

5. 35% also shop for hair and skin care at drug stores, 31% visit specialty retailers (Ulta, Sephora), 24% buy cosmetics products at grocery stores

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