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Glimmer Community Informs Amazon Opportunity

25 Mar 2019 Elizabeth McHugh

in Industry News, Amazon

Amazon is top of mind for beauty consumers and brands alike. Stella Rising has an edge on Amazon beauty, thanks to our talented Amazon team and our Glimmer community, which offers ongoing insights into how consumers shop the platform.

 Our recent Glimmer Report found that 71% of the 2,500 consumers surveyed described Amazon as their top online beauty destination; they appreciate the platform for its fast shipping, strong reviews, and full range of available products. Amazon is seeking to satisfy these consumers, and strengthen profits, with last week’s launch of Belei, Amazon’s private label skin care line. Belei underscores the fact that Amazon sees opportunity in the beauty and wellness categories.

 Of course, there’s no guarantee of success for Belei; our research finds that consumers continue to care very much about branding and familiar brand names. Furthermore, a recent Marketplace Pulse study found that the majority of Amazon-owned private label brands have failed to hit the mark, despite making buzz in the press.

Between changes in selling models to new launches, brands require a smart strategy in regards to Amazon. Contact us to learn more about how Stella Rising can help your brand navigate this critical channel.

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