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Infographic: The Amazon Beauty Experience

05 Dec 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Amazon



Women still love to shop in-store at a variety of retailers, but Amazon has quickly become a core element in the entire beauty shopping experience. Key word: experience—something that was once considered impossible to bring to beauty consumers online.

As part of our recent Beauty on Amazon Forum, we asked our Glimmer community how Amazon fits into a woman’s beauty routine, from discovery and research to purchase. What did we find? Amazon has proven its ability to deliver the beauty adventure that once only took place in-store. 


The Basics

  • 57% of women list Amazon as their #1 source for researching beauty products online
  • 75% of women buy beauty products on Amazon when shopping online
    • Who took #2? Sephora.com (58%)

How She Searches

  1. Search by product category (e.g., lip gloss, face masks)
  2. Search by brand

Prime Perks Keep Growing

When asked why she buys beauty on Amazon...

  • 42% say fast shipping (up 8% from 2017)
  • 40% say free shipping (up 3% from 2017)

Content is Queen

What does she find helpful when researching beauty?

  • Product reviews: 79%
  • Product descriptions: 56%
  • Pictures showing product use: 55%

What's her next step after finding an interesting product?

  • Read product reviews: 78%
  • Read product descriptions: 62%
  • Look at product pictures: 49%

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