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Amazon Strategy: What Beauty Brands Need to Know

27 Nov 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Amazon, Retail

It was obvious from the start of our second annual Stella Growth Forum, held recently in New York, that every beauty brand needs an Amazon strategy, though solutions vary widely. In addition to a keynote speaker from Amazon, the master class offered multiple viewpoints and insights from beauty industry insiders, brands, even the investment community, for an end-to-end guide to selling beauty on Amazon.

With so many intelligent minds sharing different perspectives, the conference was rich with detail; watch for our upcoming white paper or contact us for a more immediate conversation on how your brand can win on Amazon.


Here are three of our favorite thought-provoking quotes that came out of the conference:


1. "Content is king throughout the entire Amazon journey."

-Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Stella Rising

While the phrase “content is king” has been around for quite some time, the application of the idea in e-commerce today has never been more critical. Having A+ content on Amazon provides brands the opportunity to showcase product usage, details and description, including claims and ingredients, which have become increasingly important to the beauty consumer. Beauty brands looking to capture an engaged and loyal customer on Amazon must have content—including reviews—that not only draw the shopper in with eye-catching imagery, but provide the detailed product information they need to close the loop between browser and buyer.


2. "Amazon beauty is driven by the younger generations."

-Ken Wasik, Managing Director, Consumer Products & Services, Stephens Investment Banking

Emerging and indie brands looking for investment capital or acquisition need to have a firm grasp. Speaking about what investors look for in indie brands, Ken Wasik laid out the landscape for successfully attracting investment. Having a presence on Amazon, while knowing your audience, is critical for beauty brands. While shopping for beauty is an act that spans generations—even on Amazon—Millennials and Gen Z are holding the buying power. They’re researching the product, they’re making the beauty buying decisions, and they’re doing it on Amazon. An indie brand looking to make a splash needs to check every box on their Amazon list, as younger consumers are discovering new products through engaging brand store media and can’t-miss content that educates them and provides them with the information without having to research it. If your Amazon beauty business is catching consumers’ attention, your brand is in a better position to be noticed by investors.


3. "If Amazon tells you that your product is CRAP, they aren't being rude. They mean that your product Can't Realize Any Profit."

-Rina Yashayeva, VP of Marketplace Strategy, Stella Rising

Amazon uses countless acronyms both internally and externally, yet a lot of brands are selling on the platform without understanding all the nuances. An Amazon beauty veteran and strategy leader at Stella Rising, Rina knows the lingo like a second language. Brands need to do their homework to ensure communication between all parties is clear; simple miscommunication can easily make a mountain out of a molehill. While this acronym may appear funny or rude on the outside, what it stands for is serious: your product isn’t going to make any money. Brush up on all the acronyms you can find; brands that win on Amazon are those that speak the same language.

An expert on consumers and trends within the retail landscape, Stella Rising offers end-to-end Amazon services, as well as omnichannel support throughout the consumer path to purchase. Shine bright with us!

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