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Introducing Stella Rising

15 Nov 2018 Andrea Van Dam
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We’ve been working on something stellar for quite some time, and now she’s here. Her name is STELLA.

If you’ve noticed a glow about us lately, you’re right. Women’s Marketing now has a fresh look, name, and attitude.

As of now, we are Stella Rising, the agency for rising stars.

Building superstar brands is in our company DNA. We understand what it takes to build a foundationally strong and admired brand. We’ve led early-stage companies to category leadership and nurtured many once-indie brands to successful M&A and public offerings. With the same commitment to growing brands, our company is shining brighter than ever with a roster of rising star clients and talent.


Why Stella?

Stella means star, and we’re all Stellas. Our agency is an aggregate of award-winning specialist teams including communications planning, media strategy, digital marketing, data and analytics, traditional, social, search, e-commerce, Amazon and marketplace.

Stella Rising attracts brands that are coming from the edge, not the conventional middle, where today’s greatest energy, excitement and growth in business is taking place. It is our mission to connect these brands with people who will love them—through creative communication, technology, media and human engagement.


Our New Branding

We have a modern approach to intelligent business, and now we match, end-to-end and head to toe, with a modern name, logo, and branding that is human-centric, not gender-focused. The circle in our logo represents the coming together of not only Women’s Marketing and Flying Point Digital but the relationship we have with our clients. The circle is open and fluid, representing the upward mobility and growth we bring to our clients’ businesses and to work every single day.

And with STELLA as the first word in our new name, we’ll never turn our backs on the many women—clients, partners, and passionate consumers—who helped get us here.


A Bright Future

Today’s constellation paints a picture of success for high-energy brands who need to reach consumers through unique intelligence, passion, and engagement. As the leading marketing and media agency for spirited, high-growth consumer brands and service companies, Stella Rising has an innovative, nimble approach. We are that bridge to the future.


We know we shine bright, but we’d love to know what you think. How do you like our new look? And more importantly, are you ready to grow—and glow—with us?

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