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Stella Rising Chosen by Thinx

14 May 2019 Marlea Clark

in Industry News, Retail

Stella Rising proudly announces that it has been selected as the agency to handle strategic marketing and communications planning, data governance strategy, and development of digital fractional attribution models for innovative period brand Thinx.

As part of these efforts, Stella Rising will focus on driving growth for Thinx through communications plan execution and oversight, holistic channel investment strategy, and a comprehensive audit of all MarTech platforms. Thinx_Press_Release

According to Maria Molland, CEO, Thinx, the decision to select Stella Rising for the assignment reflects the agency's "expertise in growing disruptor brands, deep understanding of the consumer, and their unique ability to rapidly accelerate brand growth with consumer audiences across platforms and media channels."

"We are thrilled to be working with Thinx, a company whose products have truly disrupted the feminine hygiene and wellness marketplace," says Andrea Van Dam, CEO, Stella Rising. "Their products reflect our belief that the growth and energy in today's marketplace continues to come from the edge, not the middle. We strongly support the Thinx mission of creating the most innovative period solutions that empower women and sustain our planet."

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