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Deep Dive Into Beauty Buying

Our annual report on how beauty users shop is here!

Each year, we ask consumers about their beauty shopping habits, giving brands a detailed, thorough look into how today’s shoppers discover, think, feel, and purchase.

Through this ebook, understand consumers’ preference for omnichannel and also why Walmart, Ulta, and Sephora win in-store while Amazon retains its grip online. Get fresh insights on the real impact of influencers and the strategic role of brand websites and loyalty programs. Plus—delve into why efficacy is the ultimate purchase motivator and how savvy beauty enthusiasts navigate promotions.

This Stella analysis, powered by our research, will help your brand stay ahead in the dynamic beauty market. Download now.

Preview of the Table of Contents


Part 1: In-Store Allure

Part 2: What's Happening Online?

Part 3: Are They Influenced? 

Part 4: Open-Minded & Into It

Part 5: Discovery & Motivators

Part 6: Beauty & the Budget

Part 7: Consumer Profiles: Who Are They?


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