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At Stella Rising, we kick off each year by offering predictions of which consumer trends and behaviors will be adopted in key categories like beauty and health and wellness. But six months in to 2020, we knew a revision was in order. 2020’s incredible shift from boom economy to global pandemic has upended everything, and what was reasonable in January required rethinking. Throughout the COVID-19 period, our goal has been to help our clients adapt, and we have done so with a careful eye on data, expert research, and constant communication with our own proprietary community.

This white paper offers updates to our original predictions for health, wellness, and beauty, and is filled with fresh research, updates from our community, and advice for brands. Download your copy through the form on this page.


Preview of the Table of Contents


The New Beauty Tools

Ready for Re-Packaging

Color Gets Clean

Without Water

Make Me (Pretty) Smart


Health & Wellness

Heavily Holistic

Craving Community

Something in the Air

Beyond Taboo: Femcare

Tech: Less + More = Different

In the Blue Zones

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