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Paper is Boring: A Unique Digital Holiday Greeting Card from Flying Point

22 Dec 2014 John Morabito

in Stella Rising News

This year for Flying Point Digital’s holiday greeting we wanted to do something as special and unique as each of our clients and team members. This year for our greeting we have created a whiteboard animation video with our very own staff as the cast of characters. Whiteboard animations videos have been a favorite tool of marketers like us in recent years. Not only do they aid in making your marketing message more entertaining, but they help to increase understanding and comprehension of your message. They’re memorable too, in fact 80% of people can remember a video ad they watched in the past month, and 46% of those took a specific action in response. Amazingly 90% of shoppers find videos useful when deciding to make a purchase, but  in this case, the only call to action in this video is to have a happy & healthy holidays!


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