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Infographic: Digital Shopping Habits of Men and Women

21 May 2018 Marlea Clark

in Digital, Retail


While men and women are sharing more of the shopping responsibilities than ever before, their shopping habits are very different. While women typically plan and research products, men are more likely to be impulse buyers. In our infographic, we look at the differences in how each gender shops so marketers can make smarter decisions when trying to reach them.

Digital Shopping Habits of Men and Women


Shop based on future needs                      

More likely to research products to find item that fits all their requirements

Responsive to marketing emails, coupons, and sales

Receptive to reviews and other people’s opinions


Tend to purchase when the need is immediate

Stop shopping when they find the first workable product

More likely to spend money on themselves than buy gifts for others

Need detailed product descriptions and feature comparisons 

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