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Health and Wellness Marketing: 3 Ways Tech Will Disrupt Healthcare

14 May 2018 Marlea Clark

in Health & Wellness

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Increasingly, consumers are taking deliberate steps to live healthy lives. They’re making conscious food choices, exercising more, and getting preventative medical screenings. Technology allows us to track our health through apps and other monitoring devices and communicate digitally with health professionals—in fact, about half of American adults say they are already doing so. Here, we look at how digitally enhanced health care is poised to disrupt the industry and why brands should consider how they will keep up.

Three Ways Tech Will Disrupt Healthcare

Your Doctor Wants to FaceTime

There’s widespread agreement among physicians that digital technology will improve care. Two-thirds believe it would reduce both costs and the burden on the healthcare system. Consumers are slowly coming around to the idea: 21% say they would do video consultations with their doctors, 36% are open to in-home diagnostic testing, and a third are open to using a smartphone to share medical data with their doctor. From apps that can monitor heart function to virtual reality tools that treat anxiety, there are a number of emerging technologies that promise better outcomes for patients.

Digital Medicine

The FDA recently approved the use of the first digital pill—a pill that includes an ingestible sensor to capture information about whether the patient has complied with her medication regimen. When swallowed, the pill sends data to a patch worn on the torso. From there, the information is wirelessly sent to a mobile phone app, allowing both patient and the doctor to track how the patient is using and responding to the medication, and helping the doctor respond to any side effects.

Alexa, Order My Prescription

Amazon has already made waves across industry sectors and now they’re taking on healthcare., announcing recently that they are forming a healthcare company with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase. CEO Jeff Bezos has discussed how Amazon’s Echo devices, including the Echo Show, could support telemedicine and voice-activated diagnostic services—imagine explaining your cold symptoms to Alexa and receiving a recommendation for specific OTC medication brands, supplements, and herbal teas…and having Amazon deliver them right to your door. Further, Amazon has secured approval as a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor in twelve states. Marketers would be wise to keep their eye on Amazon and consider how they might be able to align with the e-tailer in the future.

Although consumers may resist the idea of receiving healthcare from a bot or have concerns about data security, healthcare is moving toward an increasingly tech-centered model. Marketers have an opportunity to step up their game with an industry-leading mindset. Women’s Marketing offers clients data-driven insights into the trends that affect their industry. Contact us to learn how we can help your health and wellness brand grow.

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