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Push Boundaries for Social Media Success

28 May 2018 Marlea Clark

in Media, Digital

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One of the first rules of content marketing is to look at what your audience responds to and give them more of it. Likes, clicks, shares, and other metrics are indicators that your content is resonating with your community. But do these metrics lull marketers into a sense of complacency? While there’s nothing wrong with creating content that marketers know their audience will like, it doesn’t necessarily lead to growth.

Want to Grow? Pop Your Bubble

If you’re creating content for a vegan audience, you don’t have to convince them not to eat meat. When creating content for a like-minded audience, you’re not thinking about winning over a new audience. The ideas we share and tactics we use when recruiting new consumers are very different than those we use to communicate with existing customers. Consider how your brand can push beyond previously successful strategies to reach a new audience and enlighten them about your brand.

Targeting in On Affinity Audiences

With social affinities as part of their marketing toolbox, marketers can reach an entirely new audience and nothing demonstrates more value to consumers than a brand that relates to them in the most relevant context. Using social affinities to find the most relevant context is like getting a loved one the perfect gift. You can ask them what they want or get them something based on what they already have, or you can actively listen for clues and signals that will help you predict what they want, which is what measuring social affinities can do for brands.

Don’t Be Boring

With so much content in our social feeds, brands have to push beyond what’s worked in the past to create thumb-stopping content that users want to engage with. Social media users value content that inspires and creates genuine human interaction. High-quality content that gets a dialogue started, asks users to express their opinions, and makes people want to call their friends into the conversation will build a bigger, more engaged community.

Effective content marketers know how to create content that builds a bridge between their business’s goals and their customers’ and prospects’ needs and desires. Invest in creating social content that does that, and your brand will shine in social. Women’s Marketing offers a suite of marketing services, including social media marketing. Contact us to learn how our team of social media professionals can help your brand grow.

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Source: Adweek How Social Metrics Can Lure Brands into A Repetitive Rut

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