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Infographic | What Consumers are Craving in Food and Beverage

04 Mar 2021 Elizabeth McHugh

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Having recently presented extensive research on how CPG shoppers have changed, we were curious about how consumers are viewing the food and beverage industry at large—from how their diets have changed to which priorities have shifted or even remained the same. Grocery sales have seen an enormous boost—and brands can maintain momentum by keeping consumers engaged, warding off cooking fatigue. Many more changes to the massive food and beverage industry are on the horizon—some will result from the vaccine and others from the revised shopping habits of younger generations; one key example: Millennials are four times more likely to avoid buying products from big-name food brands than their parents are.[1]

[1] Source: McKinsey



    1. Since the onset of COVID-19, when it comes to food and beverage purchases:

      • 43% of consumers say that fresh is more important
      • 42% of consumers feel that good taste is more important
      • 38% of consumers say that high quality is more important; the same for healthy
      • 33% of consumers report that low cost is more important
    2. Since the onset of COVID-19, 29% of consumers report they have been stricter about healthy choices; 18% have been eating more indulgently
    3. 31% of consumers report they are snacking more than a year ago
    4. 34% of consumers have tried new food or beverage brands during COVID-19

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