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Infographic | The Beauty and Tech Check

11 Mar 2021 Elizabeth McHugh

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In our 2021 Beauty Trends white paper we wrote, “Consumers are looking for the at-home beauty experience to be maximized, and digital education is an ideal way to make up for the loss of in-store.” The mass-adoption of livestreaming in 2020 was a trend that COVID accelerated—and that journey is only just beginning; it was also a wakeup call for brands as they realized consumers were craving this new format. We sought to better understand additional ways that consumers were integrating technology into their day-to-day: which other advancements had become their new norm? This infographic blends our new research on technology adoption with consumers’ key wishes for their online beauty experience.



    1. Younger shoppers crave change most: 18-34-year-olds noted that the following advancements would encourage them to shop for beauty online more:

      • 28% Customization options
      • 25% Ability to virtually shop a store
      • 23% Digital try-on tools
      • 15% Online booking for in-store appointments
    2. 50% of beauty consumers seek reviews online
    3. 31% of beauty consumers have used try-on apps for either makeup or skincare, while 68% do not use try-on apps yet
    4. Despite the pandemic, adoption of in-store digital checkout has been slow

      • 54% never use digital checkout in-store
      • 20% sometimes use digital checkout
      • 17% have used digital checkout once or twice
      • 9% use digital checkout most of the time

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