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Prime Day 2021: What We Know So Far

18 Mar 2021 Rina Yashayeva

in Amazon

As we close out Q1 2021, Prime Day may seem eons away; however, Amazon is prepping for the big event earlier than ever before. Although not all the details have been finalized yet, here is a sneak peak of everything we know about Prime Day 2021 so far.


In typical Amazon fashion, they are tight-lipped about the date itself, and will probably not formally announce until two to three weeks before the event. However, Amazon has shared that Prime Day will, “likely be around the same time as the first five Prime Days,” meaning the middle of July. Mark your calendars now! The Prime Day event typically falls mid-month, on a Monday and Tuesday, to allow for products to reach consumers by the end of that week via Prime Shipping.


As in recent years, Amazon will offer myriad deals to consumers on Prime Day, the goal being to provide the year’s best prices. 2021’s offerings will likely include:

    • Spotlight Deals: the most coveted deal placement for Prime Day. These deals have the best real estate, oftentimes on the homepage, and are highly selective, featuring brands with high brand awareness and products at the lowest prices of the year. Participation is invite-only from a Vendor Manager, and undergoes several rounds of approval on Amazon’s end, with no placement guaranteed; Amazon is already sourcing for this now, with submissions due the week of March 15th.

If your brand does not receive an invite for a Spotlight Deal, fear not: you may offer self-service deals as follows:

    • Lightning Deals: limited quantity deals that run for a set time period and require a minimum of a 20% discount off the lowest price in the last 30 days. There is a $500 charge to participate in addition to funding the deal. Submissions are due 4/16.
    • Prime Member Coupons: a digital coupon on a select group of ASINs that allows you to set and cap the budget spend on the coupon. The minimum discount is 20% off the current price, and there is no charge to participate. Submissions are due 5/28.
    • Prime Exclusive Discount: a markdown promotion on eligible FBA ASINs, exclusive to Prime members. The minimum discount is 20% off the current price, and there is no charge to participate. Submissions end two weeks prior to the event.


When it comes to Prime Day, it is never too early to start prepping. Now is the perfect time to make sure that your pages are “Retail Ready” and prepared to convert on the big day. Retail Readiness means that the following tactics are flawless and up to Amazon’s precise standards:

    • Copy
    • A+ Content
    • Reviews
    • Brand Store

For more information on Retail Readiness and Amazon Prime Day prep, check out these Stella Rising Resources:

If you have any questions about Amazon Prime Day—or your larger Amazon strategy—please connect with us.